Cupcakes for a cause

All the orders received are published here. If you do not want us to use your name, please let us know and we will use an appropriate substitute like "anonymous" instead of your name. If you do not see your name in the orders received, please email us all the details of your order at The details should include flavor and size of the cake, design, and amount paid for cake.

2018 Target: $4,​500

Revenue as of November 18,2017: $3,840 

Percent Accomplished: ​85.3%

2017 Target: $3,500, 2017 Final Tally: $5,797

2016 Target: $2,500, 2016 Final Tally: $5130

​2015 Target: $1,500, 2015 Final Tally: $4,350

 2014 Target: $1,000, 2014 Final Tally: $1,588.50

Total Donated: $16,865.50

Ordering Statistics