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Our Recipes 
Sanjana started with some recipes available on the internet for basic cupcakes, modified it to enhance the flavor and perfected it . Now, many of the recipes are developed by the "master baker" herself. Each recipe is tested and tasted by several people before being added to the menu, ensuring the best-tasting treats are made available to you. All of our cupcakes are vegetarian we also try and use fresh natural ingredients and avoid artificial flavorings as much as possible.

Our Beginnings
 FrostedWorld is conceptualized and started by a 11 year old girl, Sanjana Srinivasan, in July 2013.  Sanjana, grew up watching "Cup Cake Wars" on TV and started baking at home, with her mom, for fun. She is inspired by Chef Chloe Coscarelli and she learned the basics of vegetarian/vegan baking from the recipes of the renowned baker.  Sanjana wanted to make her hobby useful for others,  and turned it into a business for a cause. Now, Sanjana's culinary masterpieces are available for sale! 

Our Contribution 
Our Contribution to the society, is to donate all the money to charity. The charity we have chosen is CORDUSA (Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development). CORD works for the betterment of society. It facilitates integrated, participatory and sustainable rural development in villages of India. It empowers rural women and youth,  and it encourages self confidence in everyone it touches. Sanjana is also inspired and humbled by this charity, and hopes to visit their centers in India, when she grows up.

Cakes for a Cause.